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Airport Parking

There are several types of airport car parking available, but generally the closer to the terminal the more expensive it is!

Secured Airport Parking: Parking close to the airport, generally within the perimeter with transfers to the terminals.

Airport hotels with parking: These hotels have excess space can bundle the prices and have transfers to the terminals. Please check our airport hotels section.

Airport Park and Ride: This is one the most popular types and these car parks may be on the airport site or offsite and priced accordingly.

Meet and greet airport parking: Arrive at the terminal at a pre-designated spot, meet your driver, let them park your car and on your return the driver will drop your car back at the terminal ready for your collection.

Off-airport parking: This is parking outside the airport boundary and collection and delivery may be more sporadic.

Business Parking: Tends to be closer to the terminals, with more regular transfer buses and is therefore more expensive and used for 2-3 days business trips.